Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Movie Funding Announcement - Krysta: 5 by 9

First of all ...  I sincerely want to thank Mizz Amanda Marie for allowing me to write and produce Raven: 100 Days of Mind Control for her Clips 4 Sale site this past Spring.

Although the two of us did that project on a budget that was something akin to $10 and a Bicycle Spoke ...  It turned out pretty darn good.  And this has caused me to uncork my imagination and take a good look at what might be possible if I planned everything very carefully and had a modest but respectable budget which would allow for a bit more production value.

So I'm happy to announce that I will be using the crowd funding site  Offbeatr  to seek financing for the following motion picture.

Krysta:  5 by 9

An attractive young woman undergoes more than a week of slave training while being confined to an area that is only 5 feet wide by 9 feet long.  There are no bars keeping Krysta inside the designated space.  But if Krysta tries to move outside of the bright Red lines …  She receives a rather stinging electrical shock.

For those who are interested in Dominance & Submission stories ...  I hope you will go the following link, read the details and vote for the project to be funded on Offbeatr.

It costs absolutely nothing to vote.  And I need to collect only 130 votes for the project to be declared viable for receiving funding donations.

Once the project is open to donations ...  My funding goal is to collect a modest amount of only  $3,000.

I’ve done the math and the project planning.  With that amount of money in hand …  Amanda and I are hoping to create a bit of storytelling magic.

Please note that the 2 Black & White Pictures of Amanda Marie are representative of the basic style and theme of the Motion Picture but are not intended to portray any elements or devices of the plot for the story.

Sincere Thanks,

Travis Clemmons

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