Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Changeling's Curse - Part One

Mizz Amanda Marie

It had been a lovely trip to New Orleans.

Breakfast - Tennis - Lunch - Shopping

Dinner - Dancing - Sex

Rinse & Repeat As Desired.

And then he'd gone and dropped a stone into our little Platinum Credit Card Fantasy.

“Marry me,” Randal had said, as we were having breakfast this morning. While we were having breakfast at the New Orleans Airport.

“Why?” I calmly asked him.

“Because I'll take very good care of you.”


“Because you're everything I could ever want.” He finally said.

“Meaning that I'm an incredibly talented Chameleon,” I commented as I smirked at him.

“Yes!” He'd responded. You're always exactly what I've asked you to be.

“And I'm what at least twenty other men and a half dozen women have asked me to be,” I coyly replied.

He didn't have a response.

They rarely do.

Each of them falls completely in love with this intriguing Courtesan ... Never realizing it would be impossible for her to ever truly return this love to return this love to any of your people.

“It just bothers me that you have to earn your income this way,” He finally commented, while still managing to fake a somewhat pleasant smile. Having that smug tone in his voice that seemed to imply ... “Sugar Daddy Knows What's Best For You”.

“Banging wealthy men like you and collecting money for it?” I responded.


“It's the way I live my life,” I calmly said to him. “Be comfortable with it or be gone.”

He didn't like my answer.

And he wasn't the first patron of mine to have his or her his feelings hurt.

I didn't care.

As Randal was driving me me home, I could already feel my obfuscation waning. Not even bothering to kiss the man goodbye, I merely opened the car door and hurried to the front stoop of my building.

Allowing my patron to believe our little disagreement was the cause of me rushing away.

I simply couldn't afford to let Randal see the piercing on the bridge of my face. No easy way of explaining why a Large Metal Stud was now firmly seated in what had appeared to be Virgin Flesh barely five minutes earlier.

And now my septum ring is making its presence known.

I've gone almost twelve hours too long without a proper rest.

Mainly because I'd been careless and stayed too long with a very adoring gentleman. He'd been such a delightful host for Five Days. I'd let myself ignore the possible harm of allowing his hospitality to stretch into Six.

And one by one ...  The layers of my deception continue to fade away.

Like all the others of your world ... Randal is little more than a charming dinner companion and a fairly generous deposit in the bank.

They always think they need to take their Lovely Consort away from this life. Provide Her with a Better ... Nicer ... More Opulent place to reside.

Never realizing I'm not really one of them. And that their Earth has so few viable portals for returning to my reality. That this average looking apartment provides me with such an incredibly convenient gateway to my true home.

I will always need you Humans.

I draw my sustenance from your kind ... Feed upon their energy.

I sense their notions and feelings ... And I become what each of them most desires.

But then ... I have to run away every Fortnight. Be anywhere but with one of your kind.

I always need to return to this world ... My sanctuary ... The place where the only thoughts in my mind ... Are the ones which originate from within.

I desperately need this or I'll go completely mad.

The nature of what I am is both a Blessing and a Curse.

I could never manage to survive without the Humans of your World.

Yet ... Each time I drink energy from one of them ... I also consume their anger ... Their sorrow ... Their hatred.

I need to drink just enough and then walk away. If i allow myself to take in too much ...  What they are begins to consume me.

( We Hope You Will Join Us In Just A Few Days For Part Two )

A Changeling's Curse: Part One

Mizz Amanda Marie

Written - Directed - Photographed
Travis Clemmons

Copyright © 2014 by Travis Clemmons

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mariah Pole - Stripperfest Pole Queen - 1st Runner Up

Pictures of the lovely and talented Valerie Mae (Mariah Pole) competing in the Queen Of The Pole Competition at Stripperfest 13.

And the added bonus of a 20 second Psychedelic Video.

Vayda Kiss - Stripperfest Queen Of The Pole