Monday, April 14, 2014

Camile Leon - Racy In Red

The people who know me well, clearly understand that I am a storyteller first and a photographer second. Because of this, I occasionally bend a camera rule here or there.

Sometimes it flops.

Sometimes it pays off really well.


The pictures featured here are my Top 10 from the final set Camile Leon and I did on April 9 of 2014. She'd arrived at my location in Vernon Hills at 10:00 AM and was promising that I had the use of her time and talents until 4:00 PM. Being a Southern Gentleman (and knowing she needed to drive back into Chicago for a rehearsal) I was doing my best to have her out the door before 3:30.

We'd spent the late morning and early afternoon doing several Burlesque Appropriate Pictures.



Garter Belt

Boudoir Poses


As we were ending the day … I wanted something a bit more “pared down”. A style of pictures and storytelling that essentially adhered to the concept of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

So I asked Camile to dress herself in high heels, pantyhose and a very form fitting mini dress (actually a size medium women's spandex tank top). I then walked the girl to a very sparse area of the room and asked her to simply give me about two or three minutes of silly and flirtatious dance motion.

I focused on her general location … Put my camera into Auto Shoot …. And then told Camile to have at it.


The only lighting in the room was the sunshine streaming through the large window about twenty feet behind me. Because of this, the pictures appear a bit softer than they would have looked if I'd photographed Camile in a brighter location. But I think the softness actually adds a nice touch.

There is also a slight degree of graininess on the walls that could easily be confused with camera noise (which often occurs when a camera has been adjusted to take pictures in dim lighting). Most of this distortion is actually due to the stippled nature of the plaster board behind her.

If I'd taken a bit more time, I might have achieved a result which would have been more appealing to the “Photo Purists” of this world. But doing it my crazy way, I managed to allow the girl to change her clothes ... Walk her to her car and hug her goodbye … And watch her drive away when the time on my cell phone was reading as 3:17.

I'm happy with this set of pictures. I hope you've enjoyed them also.

Travis Clemmons

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