Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Lovely Artemis moon

This past week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely and talented Artemis Moon.  She is a dancer and model who is quickly making a name for herself in the world of erotic entertainment.

Artemis walked away with top honors at Stripper Rama this past July ... Performing her way to at least 4 awards (including Best In Competition).  She greatly impressed the judges panel by out performing at least a half dozen more experienced dancers. 

I am very sorry about the pesky background noise from the ventilation system.  The thing is run by the building, so there wasn't a lot we could do about minimizing it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adult Movie Review: The Truth About Hypnosis


This  Motion  Picture  most certainly  SHOULD NOT  be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

I'm finding myself highly impressed by this delightful Mocumentary titled "The Truth About Hypnosis". Although the basic nature of the story is erotica, this short motion picture has a well written script which easily rises above the usual examples of the genre. What is most fun about "Hypnosis" is how it thoroughly skewers the Slick / Attractive / Condescending individuals who often serve as Spokes People for ...

     Sleezy Politicians

     Mega Corporations

     Religious Cults

     Shady Charities

The delightfully crazy people at Mind Control Theatre have done a marvelous job of invoking both Satire and Parody in "The Truth About Hypnosis". No small feat, when you consider that each of the two is a rather tricky desert to bake. There's a secret ingredient in both Satire and Parody which the average person wouldn't usually think of using.

A healthy dose of respect for the basic nature
of the very thing I'm attempting to make fun of.

To properly satirize an individual, a group or a situation ... I need to take a long hard look at both the virtues and the flaws of my intended target. Then I need to construct a story that will consistently show them attempting to highlight the first set of qualities while accidentally exposing the second. This little story does a fine job of hitting both targets.

Natalia Wood stars as Karen: The attractive and conservatively dressed Trophy Wife of a well known Hypnotic Therapist. Having become quite miffed by the way her husband and his associates are being portrayed by the news media, the young woman has offered to participate in a documentary which will help dispel a great many of the rumors and urban legends that have sprung up in the past few years.

     Hypnotic Mind Control !!!

     Sex Cults !!!

     Forced Marriage !!!

     Pornographic Exploitation !!!

As a completely loyal and adoring spouse, Karen is perfectly happy to step in front of the camera and carefully explain the full and complete truth about her relationship with her husband.

How they originally met.

How she allowed him to use hypnosis to help her overcome a great many anxieties and sexual hangups.

How she fell in love with the man and married him less than a year later.

But are Karen's memories of these events as accurate as she believes them to be? The numerous flashbacks, which are shown from her husband's point of view, seem to reveal a strikingly different story than the one Karen is so eager to tell. It would seem this fellow isn't quite the perfect gentleman his lovely obedient wife perceives him as being.

As too often happens in real life, the actual truth of the matter can be found all around the person who is constantly espousing an organization's propaganda. Karen simply needs to open her eyes and focus her attention in a direction that does not involve her husband and his associates. This ability seems to have been stolen from the girl somehow.

As this Mocumentary gradually unfolds ...

One small step at a time ...

Karen accidentally reveals "The Truth About Hypnosis".

   Written by:                                                Directed by:

  Daphne Avakian                                        Henri Tisserand


Natalia Wood as Karen  
(Natalia Wood is occasionally billed as Wendy Wild)  

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Accidental Time Traveler

( Performed to the tune of "Walking In Memphis" )

Put on my tennis shoes
And I ... Slipped off the train
Ducked into a box that was large and blue
Just as it started to rain

Dear God in Heaven
Won't you keep watch over me
Three weeks and five days ago
I lost my grip on reality

Now I'm lost in a TARDIS
Traveling with this guy who can't be real
Caught up in this TARDIS
And never really knowing how to feel

I swear that I met Elvis
The night before he died
Tried to warn him of what would happen
He just laughed until he cried

No one ever knew we'd been there
We just appeared inside his room
It was such a crazy thing
To get to see the King
Just hours before his doom

Then we took off in the TARDIS
Traveling with this guy who can't be real
Caught up in this TARDIS
And never really knowing how to feel

I've seen monsters in Manhattan
I've gone swimming in mid air

But if you've ever seen a Dalek

You'll think you haven't got a prayer

          I prayed inside the TARDIS

I heard him play piano
On this evening out in Hollywood
While this dude he called the Master
Played the bass just like a God

It was such a crazy number
And I sang with all my might
I said "You two seem like such good friends"
They said "Only for tonight"

Then we were back in the TARDIS
Traveling with this guy who can't be real
Caught up in this TARDIS
And never really knowing how to feel

Lost in a TARDIS
Traveling with this guy who can't be real
Caught up in this TARDIS
And never really knowing how to feel

Put on my tennis shoes
And I ... Ran to catch the train
Glanced back at this box that was large and blue
In the middle of a pouring rain

That guy in the box that was large and blue
Will I ever see him again?

(Travis Clemmons - 2013)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adult Movie Review: Sisters


SISTERS is most certainly a motion picture that SHOULD NOT be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

----------     ----------     ----------     ----------     ----------

As the picture comes into focus, the story is already well underway.  A pretty girl is being held captive in an abandoned warehouse.  She's completely naked and her cuffed wrists are strung up above her head.

Her name is Amanda.

Her father passed away several weeks ago.

Ever since that day, the young woman's life has become increasingly complicated.

At the reading of Dad's will, Amanda was designated as the sole heir to a very large trust fund. Unfortunately, the old man's death was merely the beginning of an even larger crisis. Amanda's aunt's and uncles quickly made clear their intention to contest their brother's inheritance decision. Although the probate lawyer assured the girl that her father's siblings had almost no chance of winning their claim in court, the fact that her closest family members have turned on her has left her feeling very confused and emotionally frazzled.

Desperately in need of emotional support, Amanda accepted an offer of assistance from a totally unexpected source.


The daughter of her Step Mother.

Amanda's Father had married Lara's mother about five years earlier. At the time of the wedding, one girl was already in college and the other was only a few credits shy of graduating from high school. Each young woman already had her own life and interests. There simply wasn't all that much incentive for the two girls to form any type of strong sibling bond.

With the inheritance vultures flying in a circle around her step father's dead body ... Laura was very gracious and invited her "sister" to spend a month or two at her home. Only the two girls would know where Amanda was secretly camping out. Everyone else could just remain totally in the dark.

Hopefully, in just a few weeks, all the overblown family drama will have softened a bit and things can return to something close to normal. In the meantime, Amanda finally has an opportunity to get to know Lara as both a sister and a friend.

On her first afternoon at Lara's house, Amanda mistakenly blunders in on her step sister while Lara is acting out a very intense fetish game. Having arrived a few hours earlier than expected ... And needing to find her hostess to ask an important question ... Amanda walks into the main bedroom and finds Lara working through an intense bondage fantasy.

Laura's mouth is gagged.

Her wrists and ankles are tied to the bed posts.

The young woman is struggling to hold back a mounting orgasm while a very large and powerful vibrator mercilessly grinds away at her pussy.

Later that evening, as the two slightly embarrassed girls talk through what Amanda accidentally stumbled into, she admits to Lara that she actually likes the sight of another woman bound and gagged. Amanda confesses that she would occasionally do a favor for her college roommate. Tie the other girl up so she could pretend she was being held prisoner.

"Gagging her was a lot of fun," Amanda says. "There were times when she was very annoying."

Lara seems very intrigued by what her step sister has just told her. This causes her to ask Amanda for a very special favor.

The following afternoon, the two girls attempt to play out one of Lara's very intricate day dreams. Amanda is the Mistress of the house and Lara is expected to serve as her obedient slave. Unfortunately, Amanda seems to be much more the voyeur than the dominant.

While she sincerely enjoys watching, as another girl is run through the bondage and punishment gauntlet, Amanda appears to be missing the type of Bitch Queen attitude that is necessary to help someone like Laura buy into the fantasy that she has no choice but to obey and serve.

"I have an idea," Lara finally says, after the two of them have become frustrated by Amanda's inability to bring all the pieces together. "Why don't we spend a few days pretending that I'm training you to be my slave? I'll act exactly like I feel a stern and demanding Mistress should treat someone. After a week or two, you can take what you've learned and turn it around on me."

After thinking about Lara's offer for a few moments, Amanda decides that this might just be the way to go.

But is there something Laura might be concealing from her step sister?

Does the woman have any intention of actually returning control of the situation to Amanda?

SISTERS functions quite well as the erotic equivalent of a Horror Story. An urban legend where the pretty girl is tricked into signing her life away.

The story is entertaining.

The script has no significant plot contradictions.

The camera work is solid.

The locations are suitably eerie and imposing.

Madison Young and Mz. Berlin clearly understand their parts and do a marvelous job of bringing the characters to life.

My only criticism of SISTERS ... And this is a relatively small one ... Is that the run time is about ten minutes too long for my type of attention span.

All in all ... This might simply be due to the fact that I'm a ravenous plot junkie. While I do enjoy watching a scene where the sweet young thing is strung up by her wrists and mercilessly tormented ... I become slightly frustrated when the bondage or punishment segments of a story cause the production to break what I refer to as the 50 / 50 rule.

In my opinion, the 50 / 50 rule should be followed by anyone who is making an erotic production that is going to push past the twenty-five minute mark. At that point ... For every minute of erotic action ... You also need a minute that is comprised of solid plot, enjoyable dialogue and productive character development.

Unlike a massive amount of the bondage erotica that is on the market, SISTERS doesn't callously throw the 50 / 50 rule to the ground and stomp on it. But the motion picture does appear to come in at something closer to 55 / 45.

And I will admit that my criticism is an entirely subjective observation. Others might watch this movie and feel that the balance is exactly right. Or that there should have been twice as much bondage and punishment footage and only half as much dialogue.

Even after I've picked all the petty knits I can locate ... The truth of the matter is that the worlds of Bondage and Fetish Entertainment need a lot more writers and directors like John Fitzgerald. Men and women who clearly understand that what is happening in the dungeon is only one small part of a story that deserves to be told.

Too many fetish productions will do nothing but show the dungeon scenes. To me, this is little more than handing the audience a can of insanely sweet frosting and saying "be happy we're allowing you to have a sugar rush". Fitzgerald does his best to make sure that we also get the cake, the plate, the napkin, the fork and the glass of white wine that help round out the experience and allow it to feel like a special treat.

I strongly recommend SISTERS as a Bondage and Fetish treat.

To find out about obtaining a copy of SISTERS ... Or learn more about the entertainment produced by Gwen Media ... Click on the Title Card below.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Adult Movie Review: Process


PROCESS is most certainly a motion picture that SHOULD NOT be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

Helena is an attractive young woman who is beginning to doubt her grip on sanity. Everything the girl once thought to be true is now being challenged by a dream that returns to her night after night.

It is the middle of the afternoon ...

She is casually strolling down a city sidewalk ...

Dressed only in makeup, high heels and a negligee ...

After walking for several blocks, she turns and enters a building ...

Once inside, her negligee is suddenly gone and she is totally naked.

An attractive older woman greets Helena and commands the girl to follow her up the stairs ...

Helena finds herself on a bed in a back room ...

Obediently following the instructions of the older woman and an unknown man.

As the dream has grown and evolved, elements of it have become incredibly troubling. Last night's dream was so disturbing, the girl finds herself unable to wait for her regularly scheduled psychology appointment. Helena has just arrived at the office, totally unannounced, and is begging to be allowed to see Eleanor for an emergency therapy session.

The two women are several minutes into the session when something about the dream begins to intrude upon their conversation. It has just dawned on Helena that the door behind Eleanor seems incredibly familiar. It is the door the older woman leads her through to get to the room that has the bed. It is the room where the man and the woman use her and cause her to do almost unspeakable things.

As she repeatedly hears the voice of her psychologist ,,, As she takes the time to focus on the woman's face ... Helena begins to doubt the person she's been trusting with her strongest fears and deepest emotional needs.

As much as the girl wants to leave. She seems unable to find the strength of will to actually do so.

Once ...

Twice ...

A third time ...

Helena has attempted to stand and turn towards the door that will take her out of the office and back to the street. A strongly spoken comment from Eleanor is all that has been necessary to cause the girl to sit back down and continue the process.

It would seem that Eleanor has more control over the girl's thoughts and choices than she does

I will cite "Process" as a prime example of the type of story I often refer to as a "Plausible Impossibility". A set of events which the viewer is well aware cannot happen. Yet, he or she is entertained enough, by the quality of the tale, to accept them happening within the boundaries of its universe.

In order to create and maintain a Plausible Impossibility within a motion picture, three elements must be present.

* A strong story

* Solid acting

* High quality production values

While it was produced on a fairly limited budget, Process contains a strong dose of all three.

The acting rises well above the "know your lines and know where to look" mentality that is often prevalent in erotic entertainment.

The directing, the camera work and the location choices provide a look and feel that would seem more appropriate to a motion picture costing at least ten times as much.

The story completely fills the twenty-two minute run time. This is not a production where the team has taken fifteen minutes of script and then padded the thing out to seventy-five ... Where sixty seconds of something that vaguely resembles plot and dialogue is then followed by at least ten minutes of toughing, kissing and shagging. The few minutes of erotic images that appear on screen completely fit the story telling needs of this well written script.

If you find yourself appreciating good erotic storytelling that is just a tad unsettling, I strongly recommend Process.

Eleanor Markham
Helena Astley

Written By:
Daphne Avakian

Directed By:
Henri Tisserand

To find out about ordering a copy of the video ... Click on the title card below. Or look for Process on Clips4Sale.