Thursday, May 22, 2014

Movie Announcement - 100 Days Of Mind Control

Something a bit different for a change.

Instead of reviewing another person's movie or a book ... I'm going to take a few minutes to tell you about a 30 minute Erotic Drama I recently wrote and directed. It has just premiered on clips4sale.


100 Days Of Mind Control

The lovely and talented Amanda Marie performs the character of Raven, a young woman who is trying to find her emotional balance after a series of failed relationships.

Raven is finally coming to grips with the fact that she has an extreme emotional weakness for sexy young women. Each time the girl has allowed herself to become involved with another female, the situation has always been intensely physical and incredibly passionate. Yet each new situation has wound up falling apart within four to six months.

Desperately needing a new place to stay ... After her fling with Jill hit the brick wall ... Raven has allowed herself to enter into a “Friends With Benefits” agreement with an older man.

During the past month ... Kevin has been a perfect gentleman. Very happy when Raven chooses to have sex with him or simply cuddle up and fall asleep with him. And completely understanding of the fact that his young friend does need a room all her own. That private space where she can be alone with her thoughts, do some emotional sorting and consider the direction her life has been taking.

At the 30 Day Mark ... Raven is pleasantly surprised when she comes home from work and discovers a small gift from Kevin. A Jazz & Blues Mix he created to commemorate the first month of the two of them living together.

After putting on the ear buds, Raven presses the play button and starts enjoying the very relaxing music Keven selected for the play list. But after just a few moments ... A very strange set of thoughts begin popping into her brain.

I Am A Slave

A Pleasure Doll

Many of the people who read my articles have thanked me for the reviews I've posted of movies like Captive, Process, Sisters, and The Truth About Hypnosis. If you are a fan of any of these ... I sincerely believe “Raven: 100 Days Of Mind Control” is the type of story you would enjoy.

This video contains scenes of Edging ... Doing Housework while Nude ... Oral Training with a dildo … Hypno Training … and a few things more.

You can find it at the Mizz Amanda Marie page on clips4sale.

Simply click on the picture below.

Travis Clemmons