Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On The Border - An Exotic Entertainment Experience

It has occurred to me ...  That in my review of the winners at "The Grand Prix of Exotic Dance" ...  The one Lovely Lady who didn't get reviewed is the distinguished establishment which hosted the event.

On The Border
10741 South 27th Street
Franklin Wisconsin 53132

The delightful thing about Club OTB is that it's filled with a Central States flavor.  The management hasn't tried to replicate Las Vegas or Los Angeles or Montreal or New York.  You step in the doors at On The Border and you quickly realize this is a place that is happy to be situated at a mid point between Milwaukee and Chicago.

While there's reasonable amount of Flash and Pizzazz ...  None of that walks up and slaps you in the face.  You quickly notice the Dancers, the Servers and the Bartenders.  And you get the distinct impression that your comfort and your enjoyment are very important to them.

So if you sincerely enjoy quality Adult Entertainment ...  And you have a reason to be in the Chicago / Milwaukee Area ...  Make it a point to come and see the place.

Or better yet ...  Make Club OTB your reason for coming to the area and then find other things to do while you're in the Eastern Wisconsin / North East Illinois Region.

3 Major League Baseball Teams

2 Major League Basketball Teams

2 Major League Football Teams

3 Top List Zoos

A Top List Amusement Park

Several Top List Museums

More Beer and Food Festivals than you'll ever be able to keep up with.

A Burlesque Community that Montreal, New York and Paris would be envious of.

Show up for On The Border and then spend another 3 or 4 days getting to know the area.  You might just be happy that you traveled here, instead of some place that has Tourist Trap written all over it.

And if you missed the Grand Prix of Exotic Dance ...  Fear Not !!!

StripperFest is right around the corner --  This Coming November !!!

Stay Tuned For More Information.

Travis Clemmons

( All pictures included in this article are from the ClubOTB web page and are used merely for promotional purposes.  I make absolutely no claim of ownership on any of this photography )

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jack & Jill & Me

Jack and Jill went up the Hill

And then they lied about me

(The story of how it is possible to really like your Part Time Job ...  But sincerely hate certain elements of it)

Last night at about 7 PM, I was helping a couple who had a small problem.  They needed at least 6 cases of a particular frosty white laminate flooring but my store only had 2.  And we had it discounted for clearance at about  $9  a case instead of the usual price of  $27.

I checked with my Arlington Heights Store (about 20 miles north of my Lombard location).  Then I informed the couple that Arlington had more than 200 cases but that they would not give the reduced price because they had no need to offer a clearance discount.  If the two of them wanted the additional 4 cases, it would be at  $27  per case.

The man and woman talked it over for about 5 minutes and then said they would take my 2 cases and then head up to Arlington and grab at least 4 more.  They left my store at 7:30 and were easily due to reach A.H. by 8.  Which would give them an hour to complete their business before our 2 stores closed.

We  got lucky and had our last customer checked out about 5 minutes before  9.  I was straightening my department at 9:10 when that evening's Night Manager asked me if I had promised that couple they could have the same discount at Arlington that we had given them.  And I made it clear to him that I had specifically told the two of them Arlington had "absolutely no reason to offer the same discounted price".  And that they had said they'd take the additional 4 cases at the higher price because it was exactly what they wanted.

So they got to A.H.and they evidently hung around at that store for something close to an hour.  Timing their check out and exit so that it would pressure that store's management to simply give them the discount instead of trying to call us as both stores were trying to close down.

But that manager did call us and we made it clear to him that Jack and Jill were not being truthful.

You bend over backwards for some people and they still insist on trying to kick your ankles out from under you.

Travis Clemmons

Friday, July 25, 2014

Roxi D'Lite - Grand Prix of Exotic Dance

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All photos which have been credited in this article as "Python University Productions" were courteously provided by Erebus Photo.  During the initial publication of the article ...  Erebus Photo was functioning under an "Exclusive Rights Agreement" with another organization.  So I was unable to properly credit the Photographer at that point in time.
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I have 6 very insightful words to say about Roxi D'Lite's performance at the 2014 Grand Prix of Exotic Dance.

She Saw …

She Conquered …

We Came.

While each individual who entered the contest arrived totally prepared to give a performance … Roxi walked in the door with a much less noble intention. Her mission was to steal our hearts and then refused to give them back.

She accomplished her goal by following the rule of KISS.

Keep  It  Simple  Stupid!

There was no water tank.

There were no squirt bottles filled with brightly colored paint.

There were no 90 mph pole spins.

Her entire routine had nary a moment of LSD Lighting.

This amazing woman confidently sauntered onto the stage and she danced … And she shimmied … And she strutted with such unbelievable confidence … You'd almost believe this was how she came out of her Mamma's womb.

That Roxi D'Lite was born wearing High Heels and Lingerie and carrying a Feathered Boa … And this Lovely Evil Temptress has never spent a single moment questioning her mission in life.

Born to Dance!

Born to Flirt!

Born to leave behind a list of broken hearts that is only slightly smaller than the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Phone Directory.


Within the first minute of Roxi stepping onto the stage, the temperature in the room had already risen at least eleven and a half degrees. And after she'd finished her Saturday evening routine … Even the Ceiling Tiles needed to have their blood pressure checked.

Roxi D'Lite didn't simply earn the title of World Champion of Exotic Dance. She stole it fair and square. By methodically stealing the attention and the hearts of the Audience and the Judges.

Travis Clemmons

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christina Aguchi - Grand Prix of Exotic Dance

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All photos which have been credited in this article as "Python University Productions" were courteously provided by Erebus Photo.  During the initial publication of the article ...  Erebus Photo was functioning under an "Exclusive Rights Agreement" with another organization.  So I was unable to properly credit the Photographer at that point in time. 
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In October of 2013, I had the opportunity to interview the lovely and talented Phoneix Phires.

As the two of us were talking about the situations and circumstances of her life ...  I was impressed with how she wouldn't stop raving about the talents and virtues of Christina Aguchi.

How Christina had inspired her ...  Encouraged her ...  Tutored her.  It quickly became obvious that Phoenix was placing a great deal of the credit for her success in the hands of someone she considers to be a performance mentor.

I finally had the opportunity to watch Christina in action this past March in the Vertical Pole Showdown at On The Border.  Her technique was top notch as was her dedication to providing a highly entertaining show.

She returned to Club OTB in June for the Grand Prix of Exotic Dance.   In this instance, the show was a free for all.  Strippers vs Pole Dancers vs Burlesque Performers.  There were no categories to go by.  Each performer simply had to do her best routines and hope she could give the Audience and the Judges a strong reason to enjoy what she was doing.

Competing in the talent packed Premier Division ...  Christina scored a solid Second Place that weekend.  Competing against a skill set that included people like Ryan Ashley and Roxi D'Lite ...  This was no easy accomplishment.

My one criticism of Christina's performance is that she began each round of the competition dressed in a very ornate East Asian inspired costume.  And while these outfits were incredibly attractive and intriguing ...  The ornate nature of each tended to restrict Christina's performance style.

During Round 1, this was no major hindrance.  The high level of her talent and training were easily enough to propel the woman into the Top 3 Contenders.

But in Round 2 ...  The stakes were much higher and the Judges were now forcing themselves to notice and rate each individual issue, no matter how small.  Each Contestant was expected to fight with the best weapons she had in her arsenal.

It is my sincere opinion that Round 2 is where the eye catching costume had the unfortunate effect of slowing down the beginning of Christina's performance.  Her momentum didn't appear to hit it's full stride until at least a minute into the routine.  At which point, the enthusiasm of the Judges and the Audience was already slightly dampened.

And I'm not accusing Christina of playing it safe.  The decision to use the masked costume was a very bold move.  But a bold move can occasionally be a miscalculation.

Given the two opponents she was facing in Round 2 ...  Christina's strongest line of attack would have been to do a routine that allowed for the maximum degree of flirtation and titillation.  The way this competition was stacking up, the gal needed a tad less art and another ounce or two of sizzle.

Failing to provide this was what caused Christina Aguchi to fall to Second Place in this year's GPED.

The Gal was incredibly good those two evenings.  Someone else was simply a slice or two better.

Travis Clemmons