Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On The Border - An Exotic Entertainment Experience

It has occurred to me ...  That in my review of the winners at "The Grand Prix of Exotic Dance" ...  The one Lovely Lady who didn't get reviewed is the distinguished establishment which hosted the event.

On The Border
10741 South 27th Street
Franklin Wisconsin 53132

The delightful thing about Club OTB is that it's filled with a Central States flavor.  The management hasn't tried to replicate Las Vegas or Los Angeles or Montreal or New York.  You step in the doors at On The Border and you quickly realize this is a place that is happy to be situated at a mid point between Milwaukee and Chicago.

While there's reasonable amount of Flash and Pizzazz ...  None of that walks up and slaps you in the face.  You quickly notice the Dancers, the Servers and the Bartenders.  And you get the distinct impression that your comfort and your enjoyment are very important to them.

So if you sincerely enjoy quality Adult Entertainment ...  And you have a reason to be in the Chicago / Milwaukee Area ...  Make it a point to come and see the place.

Or better yet ...  Make Club OTB your reason for coming to the area and then find other things to do while you're in the Eastern Wisconsin / North East Illinois Region.

3 Major League Baseball Teams

2 Major League Basketball Teams

2 Major League Football Teams

3 Top List Zoos

A Top List Amusement Park

Several Top List Museums

More Beer and Food Festivals than you'll ever be able to keep up with.

A Burlesque Community that Montreal, New York and Paris would be envious of.

Show up for On The Border and then spend another 3 or 4 days getting to know the area.  You might just be happy that you traveled here, instead of some place that has Tourist Trap written all over it.

And if you missed the Grand Prix of Exotic Dance ...  Fear Not !!!

StripperFest is right around the corner --  This Coming November !!!

Stay Tuned For More Information.

Travis Clemmons

( All pictures included in this article are from the ClubOTB web page and are used merely for promotional purposes.  I make absolutely no claim of ownership on any of this photography )


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