Friday, July 25, 2014

Roxi D'Lite - Grand Prix of Exotic Dance

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All photos which have been credited in this article as "Python University Productions" were courteously provided by Erebus Photo.  During the initial publication of the article ...  Erebus Photo was functioning under an "Exclusive Rights Agreement" with another organization.  So I was unable to properly credit the Photographer at that point in time.
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I have 6 very insightful words to say about Roxi D'Lite's performance at the 2014 Grand Prix of Exotic Dance.

She Saw …

She Conquered …

We Came.

While each individual who entered the contest arrived totally prepared to give a performance … Roxi walked in the door with a much less noble intention. Her mission was to steal our hearts and then refused to give them back.

She accomplished her goal by following the rule of KISS.

Keep  It  Simple  Stupid!

There was no water tank.

There were no squirt bottles filled with brightly colored paint.

There were no 90 mph pole spins.

Her entire routine had nary a moment of LSD Lighting.

This amazing woman confidently sauntered onto the stage and she danced … And she shimmied … And she strutted with such unbelievable confidence … You'd almost believe this was how she came out of her Mamma's womb.

That Roxi D'Lite was born wearing High Heels and Lingerie and carrying a Feathered Boa … And this Lovely Evil Temptress has never spent a single moment questioning her mission in life.

Born to Dance!

Born to Flirt!

Born to leave behind a list of broken hearts that is only slightly smaller than the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Phone Directory.


Within the first minute of Roxi stepping onto the stage, the temperature in the room had already risen at least eleven and a half degrees. And after she'd finished her Saturday evening routine … Even the Ceiling Tiles needed to have their blood pressure checked.

Roxi D'Lite didn't simply earn the title of World Champion of Exotic Dance. She stole it fair and square. By methodically stealing the attention and the hearts of the Audience and the Judges.

Travis Clemmons

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