Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trinity Turner - Grand Prix of Exotic Dance

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All photos which have been credited in this article as "Python University Productions" were courteously provided by Erebus Photo.  During the initial publication of the article ...  Erebus Photo was functioning under an "Exclusive Rights Agreement" with another organization.  So I was unable to properly credit the Photographer at that point in time.

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Prior to GPED ...  I was not at all familiar with the work of Trinity Turner.  One of those situations where both of us were fairly well known in the Entertainment World but our paths had never come anywhere close to crossing.

On the first evening of the competition ...  Trinity didn't really impress me to any great degree.  Which meant that I was really in for a surprise on the second night, when the Blonde Dynamo came close to knocking me out of my seat.

Why was there such a difference between Evening 1 and Evening 2?  In a nutshell ...  It all boils down to what she did versus what I was expecting.

When it comes to my standards for reviewing a Performance Contest ...  I'll start by saying that I earned my Wings in the Costume & Talent Competitions at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions.

*    A member of the Event Staff
*    A Talent Show Contestant
*    A Talent Show Judge

And these gatherings are a place where both the Audience and the Judges can be incredibly unforgiving.

Each contestant has no more than 2 minutes to get the job done.  That's an allowed time of only 120 seconds to step onto the stage, show off the costume, perform a skit that keeps the audience entertained and then get the Living Daylights out of there.

At 121 seconds ... You're disqualified.  Trust me on this, I've seen the penalty flag get dropped way too many times on novices who didn't seem to understand that the 120 second mark was a Stop Sign.  It didn't matter that their costumes were stunning and their performances were hilarious.  He or She went over the time limit and their score immediately became ZERO.

With this being the Swamp I crawled out of ...  I will admit to being somewhat impatient when it comes to a Dancer starting her performance.  Even though she might have something like 4 or 5 minutes to complete her routine, I don't want to watch her stand there for 30 seconds and do not much more than look pretty and show off her outfit.  Not even 20 seconds.

In fact ...  15 seconds is almost too long for me.

Which meant that Trinity's Barbie Doll routine came close to sinking the girl on her first evening.

The Collector's Edition Display Box was a really neat idea.

The girl's look was incredibly adorable.

But too little happened over the course of the first minute.

And after that stumbling and staggered opening ...  Trinity was going to have to work twice as hard to get someone like me to cut her any slack during the following few minutes.  In my mind ...  She'd completely blown that evening's opportunity.

Thankfully for her ...  Evening 1 was a practice round for the Ladies in the Princess Division.  The only scores that really mattered to the Judges were the ones that would be handed out on Evening 2.  Which is where that Gal forced this Reviewer to take my limited expectations and toss them right out the window.

On that Second Evening of the Event ...  Trinity Turner was something close to a Force Of Nature.

Sweet, Sexy & Sassy!

Nonstop Action and flirtation ...  Well balanced by Humor and Athleticism.

And it wasn't that I'd forgotten about Evening 1.  It was simply that I no longer cared.

Walking into Evening 2, I was a skeptic.  Walking out, I was a fan.

Looking back on it all ...  Trinity seemed quite a bit more comfortable as a Cowgirl than a Barbie Doll.  And maybe that's the point of it all.  Go with what you know and be the best you can be at what you really are.

Whatever was going on ...  The Gal took first place in the Princess Division.

After leaving me and my friends thinking she was going to be outclassed by her competitors ...  The girl walked onto the stage that second evening and stole the trophy fair and square.

Travis Clemmons

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