Monday, June 30, 2014

Phoenix Phires - Grand Prix of Exotic Dance

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All photos which have been credited in this article as "Python University Productions" were courteously provided by Erebus Photo.  During the initial publication of the article ...  Erebus Photo was functioning under an "Exclusive Rights Agreement" with another organization.  So I was unable to properly credit the Photographer at that point in time.
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What I like most about Phoenix Phires is that she isn't afraid to take the Show Business Bull by the horns and ride it till one of them is too exhausted to go on any longer. And from what I've seen of this girl … My money is on the Bull giving out first.

Phoenix is athletic. She's imaginative. She's dedicated to practicing and performing. And she's just so damn sexy in that incredibly cute sort of way.

Competing against a very talented crowd of performers … Phoenix came in Second in the Princess Division at the 2014 Grand Prix of Exotic Dance. And with her high standards, incredible imagination and top notch work ethic … I have no doubt the girl will continue to climb even higher.

To learn a bit more about Phoenix … Click on this link to read the interview I did with her back in October of 2013.

Travis Clemmons

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