Monday, July 14, 2014

My Evening @ Exxxotica Chicago


On Friday – July 12th … I enjoyed a lovely six hours at Exxxotica in Rosemont Illinois.

A major part of the fun was that I was being accompanied by my delightful friend Pixie. Someone my lovely wife and I trust to provide stimulating conversation, occasionally engage in silly flirtation and generally distract me from the fact that I'm surrounded by this ever growing mass of event attendees.

As long as I have someone to hold my hand and be the focus of my attention … I don't start having this irrational fear that the Zombie Hoard of several hundred people is truly a Zombie Hoard of several hundred people. Pixie does a marvelous job of being a friend and chasing away those anxiety gremlins.

The first booth that really caught my attention was JO.

I have a slight weakness for cute Tom Boys and Charlie was really ringing that bell for me. Pixie and I bought a couple of the JO products … I took this pic of Charlie and then we moved on from to another area.

About an hour later … Pixie and I crossed paths with Sheridan Love. I'd never known about this gal but I have to say that she is adorable. I'm pretty sure I became a fan of hers that evening.

The highlight of my evening was being able to spend a few minutes chatting with the delightful Tara Lynn Foxx.

I've been an admirer of hers for about five years and one of the things I most enjoy about Ms. Foxx is that she doesn't just depend on her beauty. The gal always brings a certain degree of acting and sly humor into her photo and video shoots.

And speaking of sly humor … Tara Lynn really enjoyed raking me over the coals when I had my picture taken with her. On most occasions … The Gal will get approached by 2 or 3 guys and all the boys take turns snapping pictures of each other standing next to her. But seeing that I was with a pretty girl … And assuming this girl was the Lady of my Life … Tara Lynn decided she was going to provide Pixie with the maximum possible amount of Blackmail Material.

As I was about to do the standard pose of gently placing my arm around Tara Lynn's shoulders … The little sneak turns to face me, grabs my hands, plants them on her bottom and then tells Pixie to take the picture.

And before I had the chance to even begin to think of blushing … Tara Lynn repeated that little trick by spinning around, putting my hands on her boobs and telling Pixie to take another picture.

Now don't get me wrong. I sincerely enjoyed the opportunity to grope the tits and ass of Tara Lynn Foxx. And my Lovely Evil Wife almost cracked up laughing when she heard the story and then saw the pictures.

But a little bit of fair warning would have been nice!

( and couldn't you just hear the little violin playing in the background as I was telling this story? )

So … Those are the highlights of my evening at Exxxotica Chicago. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Travis Clemmons

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