Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jack & Jill & Me

Jack and Jill went up the Hill

And then they lied about me

(The story of how it is possible to really like your Part Time Job ...  But sincerely hate certain elements of it)

Last night at about 7 PM, I was helping a couple who had a small problem.  They needed at least 6 cases of a particular frosty white laminate flooring but my store only had 2.  And we had it discounted for clearance at about  $9  a case instead of the usual price of  $27.

I checked with my Arlington Heights Store (about 20 miles north of my Lombard location).  Then I informed the couple that Arlington had more than 200 cases but that they would not give the reduced price because they had no need to offer a clearance discount.  If the two of them wanted the additional 4 cases, it would be at  $27  per case.

The man and woman talked it over for about 5 minutes and then said they would take my 2 cases and then head up to Arlington and grab at least 4 more.  They left my store at 7:30 and were easily due to reach A.H. by 8.  Which would give them an hour to complete their business before our 2 stores closed.

We  got lucky and had our last customer checked out about 5 minutes before  9.  I was straightening my department at 9:10 when that evening's Night Manager asked me if I had promised that couple they could have the same discount at Arlington that we had given them.  And I made it clear to him that I had specifically told the two of them Arlington had "absolutely no reason to offer the same discounted price".  And that they had said they'd take the additional 4 cases at the higher price because it was exactly what they wanted.

So they got to A.H.and they evidently hung around at that store for something close to an hour.  Timing their check out and exit so that it would pressure that store's management to simply give them the discount instead of trying to call us as both stores were trying to close down.

But that manager did call us and we made it clear to him that Jack and Jill were not being truthful.

You bend over backwards for some people and they still insist on trying to kick your ankles out from under you.

Travis Clemmons

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