Monday, August 5, 2013

Adult Movie Review: Process


PROCESS is most certainly a motion picture that SHOULD NOT be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

Helena is an attractive young woman who is beginning to doubt her grip on sanity. Everything the girl once thought to be true is now being challenged by a dream that returns to her night after night.

It is the middle of the afternoon ...

She is casually strolling down a city sidewalk ...

Dressed only in makeup, high heels and a negligee ...

After walking for several blocks, she turns and enters a building ...

Once inside, her negligee is suddenly gone and she is totally naked.

An attractive older woman greets Helena and commands the girl to follow her up the stairs ...

Helena finds herself on a bed in a back room ...

Obediently following the instructions of the older woman and an unknown man.

As the dream has grown and evolved, elements of it have become incredibly troubling. Last night's dream was so disturbing, the girl finds herself unable to wait for her regularly scheduled psychology appointment. Helena has just arrived at the office, totally unannounced, and is begging to be allowed to see Eleanor for an emergency therapy session.

The two women are several minutes into the session when something about the dream begins to intrude upon their conversation. It has just dawned on Helena that the door behind Eleanor seems incredibly familiar. It is the door the older woman leads her through to get to the room that has the bed. It is the room where the man and the woman use her and cause her to do almost unspeakable things.

As she repeatedly hears the voice of her psychologist ,,, As she takes the time to focus on the woman's face ... Helena begins to doubt the person she's been trusting with her strongest fears and deepest emotional needs.

As much as the girl wants to leave. She seems unable to find the strength of will to actually do so.

Once ...

Twice ...

A third time ...

Helena has attempted to stand and turn towards the door that will take her out of the office and back to the street. A strongly spoken comment from Eleanor is all that has been necessary to cause the girl to sit back down and continue the process.

It would seem that Eleanor has more control over the girl's thoughts and choices than she does

I will cite "Process" as a prime example of the type of story I often refer to as a "Plausible Impossibility". A set of events which the viewer is well aware cannot happen. Yet, he or she is entertained enough, by the quality of the tale, to accept them happening within the boundaries of its universe.

In order to create and maintain a Plausible Impossibility within a motion picture, three elements must be present.

* A strong story

* Solid acting

* High quality production values

While it was produced on a fairly limited budget, Process contains a strong dose of all three.

The acting rises well above the "know your lines and know where to look" mentality that is often prevalent in erotic entertainment.

The directing, the camera work and the location choices provide a look and feel that would seem more appropriate to a motion picture costing at least ten times as much.

The story completely fills the twenty-two minute run time. This is not a production where the team has taken fifteen minutes of script and then padded the thing out to seventy-five ... Where sixty seconds of something that vaguely resembles plot and dialogue is then followed by at least ten minutes of toughing, kissing and shagging. The few minutes of erotic images that appear on screen completely fit the story telling needs of this well written script.

If you find yourself appreciating good erotic storytelling that is just a tad unsettling, I strongly recommend Process.

Eleanor Markham
Helena Astley

Written By:
Daphne Avakian

Directed By:
Henri Tisserand

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