Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adult Movie Review: Sisters


SISTERS is most certainly a motion picture that SHOULD NOT be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

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As the picture comes into focus, the story is already well underway.  A pretty girl is being held captive in an abandoned warehouse.  She's completely naked and her cuffed wrists are strung up above her head.

Her name is Amanda.

Her father passed away several weeks ago.

Ever since that day, the young woman's life has become increasingly complicated.

At the reading of Dad's will, Amanda was designated as the sole heir to a very large trust fund. Unfortunately, the old man's death was merely the beginning of an even larger crisis. Amanda's aunt's and uncles quickly made clear their intention to contest their brother's inheritance decision. Although the probate lawyer assured the girl that her father's siblings had almost no chance of winning their claim in court, the fact that her closest family members have turned on her has left her feeling very confused and emotionally frazzled.

Desperately in need of emotional support, Amanda accepted an offer of assistance from a totally unexpected source.


The daughter of her Step Mother.

Amanda's Father had married Lara's mother about five years earlier. At the time of the wedding, one girl was already in college and the other was only a few credits shy of graduating from high school. Each young woman already had her own life and interests. There simply wasn't all that much incentive for the two girls to form any type of strong sibling bond.

With the inheritance vultures flying in a circle around her step father's dead body ... Laura was very gracious and invited her "sister" to spend a month or two at her home. Only the two girls would know where Amanda was secretly camping out. Everyone else could just remain totally in the dark.

Hopefully, in just a few weeks, all the overblown family drama will have softened a bit and things can return to something close to normal. In the meantime, Amanda finally has an opportunity to get to know Lara as both a sister and a friend.

On her first afternoon at Lara's house, Amanda mistakenly blunders in on her step sister while Lara is acting out a very intense fetish game. Having arrived a few hours earlier than expected ... And needing to find her hostess to ask an important question ... Amanda walks into the main bedroom and finds Lara working through an intense bondage fantasy.

Laura's mouth is gagged.

Her wrists and ankles are tied to the bed posts.

The young woman is struggling to hold back a mounting orgasm while a very large and powerful vibrator mercilessly grinds away at her pussy.

Later that evening, as the two slightly embarrassed girls talk through what Amanda accidentally stumbled into, she admits to Lara that she actually likes the sight of another woman bound and gagged. Amanda confesses that she would occasionally do a favor for her college roommate. Tie the other girl up so she could pretend she was being held prisoner.

"Gagging her was a lot of fun," Amanda says. "There were times when she was very annoying."

Lara seems very intrigued by what her step sister has just told her. This causes her to ask Amanda for a very special favor.

The following afternoon, the two girls attempt to play out one of Lara's very intricate day dreams. Amanda is the Mistress of the house and Lara is expected to serve as her obedient slave. Unfortunately, Amanda seems to be much more the voyeur than the dominant.

While she sincerely enjoys watching, as another girl is run through the bondage and punishment gauntlet, Amanda appears to be missing the type of Bitch Queen attitude that is necessary to help someone like Laura buy into the fantasy that she has no choice but to obey and serve.

"I have an idea," Lara finally says, after the two of them have become frustrated by Amanda's inability to bring all the pieces together. "Why don't we spend a few days pretending that I'm training you to be my slave? I'll act exactly like I feel a stern and demanding Mistress should treat someone. After a week or two, you can take what you've learned and turn it around on me."

After thinking about Lara's offer for a few moments, Amanda decides that this might just be the way to go.

But is there something Laura might be concealing from her step sister?

Does the woman have any intention of actually returning control of the situation to Amanda?

SISTERS functions quite well as the erotic equivalent of a Horror Story. An urban legend where the pretty girl is tricked into signing her life away.

The story is entertaining.

The script has no significant plot contradictions.

The camera work is solid.

The locations are suitably eerie and imposing.

Madison Young and Mz. Berlin clearly understand their parts and do a marvelous job of bringing the characters to life.

My only criticism of SISTERS ... And this is a relatively small one ... Is that the run time is about ten minutes too long for my type of attention span.

All in all ... This might simply be due to the fact that I'm a ravenous plot junkie. While I do enjoy watching a scene where the sweet young thing is strung up by her wrists and mercilessly tormented ... I become slightly frustrated when the bondage or punishment segments of a story cause the production to break what I refer to as the 50 / 50 rule.

In my opinion, the 50 / 50 rule should be followed by anyone who is making an erotic production that is going to push past the twenty-five minute mark. At that point ... For every minute of erotic action ... You also need a minute that is comprised of solid plot, enjoyable dialogue and productive character development.

Unlike a massive amount of the bondage erotica that is on the market, SISTERS doesn't callously throw the 50 / 50 rule to the ground and stomp on it. But the motion picture does appear to come in at something closer to 55 / 45.

And I will admit that my criticism is an entirely subjective observation. Others might watch this movie and feel that the balance is exactly right. Or that there should have been twice as much bondage and punishment footage and only half as much dialogue.

Even after I've picked all the petty knits I can locate ... The truth of the matter is that the worlds of Bondage and Fetish Entertainment need a lot more writers and directors like John Fitzgerald. Men and women who clearly understand that what is happening in the dungeon is only one small part of a story that deserves to be told.

Too many fetish productions will do nothing but show the dungeon scenes. To me, this is little more than handing the audience a can of insanely sweet frosting and saying "be happy we're allowing you to have a sugar rush". Fitzgerald does his best to make sure that we also get the cake, the plate, the napkin, the fork and the glass of white wine that help round out the experience and allow it to feel like a special treat.

I strongly recommend SISTERS as a Bondage and Fetish treat.

To find out about obtaining a copy of SISTERS ... Or learn more about the entertainment produced by Gwen Media ... Click on the Title Card below.

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