Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adult Movie Review: The Truth About Hypnosis


This  Motion  Picture  most certainly  SHOULD NOT  be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

I'm finding myself highly impressed by this delightful Mocumentary titled "The Truth About Hypnosis". Although the basic nature of the story is erotica, this short motion picture has a well written script which easily rises above the usual examples of the genre. What is most fun about "Hypnosis" is how it thoroughly skewers the Slick / Attractive / Condescending individuals who often serve as Spokes People for ...

     Sleezy Politicians

     Mega Corporations

     Religious Cults

     Shady Charities

The delightfully crazy people at Mind Control Theatre have done a marvelous job of invoking both Satire and Parody in "The Truth About Hypnosis". No small feat, when you consider that each of the two is a rather tricky desert to bake. There's a secret ingredient in both Satire and Parody which the average person wouldn't usually think of using.

A healthy dose of respect for the basic nature
of the very thing I'm attempting to make fun of.

To properly satirize an individual, a group or a situation ... I need to take a long hard look at both the virtues and the flaws of my intended target. Then I need to construct a story that will consistently show them attempting to highlight the first set of qualities while accidentally exposing the second. This little story does a fine job of hitting both targets.

Natalia Wood stars as Karen: The attractive and conservatively dressed Trophy Wife of a well known Hypnotic Therapist. Having become quite miffed by the way her husband and his associates are being portrayed by the news media, the young woman has offered to participate in a documentary which will help dispel a great many of the rumors and urban legends that have sprung up in the past few years.

     Hypnotic Mind Control !!!

     Sex Cults !!!

     Forced Marriage !!!

     Pornographic Exploitation !!!

As a completely loyal and adoring spouse, Karen is perfectly happy to step in front of the camera and carefully explain the full and complete truth about her relationship with her husband.

How they originally met.

How she allowed him to use hypnosis to help her overcome a great many anxieties and sexual hangups.

How she fell in love with the man and married him less than a year later.

But are Karen's memories of these events as accurate as she believes them to be? The numerous flashbacks, which are shown from her husband's point of view, seem to reveal a strikingly different story than the one Karen is so eager to tell. It would seem this fellow isn't quite the perfect gentleman his lovely obedient wife perceives him as being.

As too often happens in real life, the actual truth of the matter can be found all around the person who is constantly espousing an organization's propaganda. Karen simply needs to open her eyes and focus her attention in a direction that does not involve her husband and his associates. This ability seems to have been stolen from the girl somehow.

As this Mocumentary gradually unfolds ...

One small step at a time ...

Karen accidentally reveals "The Truth About Hypnosis".

   Written by:                                                Directed by:

  Daphne Avakian                                        Henri Tisserand


Natalia Wood as Karen  
(Natalia Wood is occasionally billed as Wendy Wild)  

To find out about ordering a copy of the video ... Click on the title card below.

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