Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Glamour & The Grind

This exotic looking young woman is known as Bridget Blonde.  And while I have no idea what the name of the puppy is, I'm fairly certain a good many fellows would immediately offer at least  $100.00  for the privilege of taking its place.

Bridget functions within a category I affectionately refer to as the "Tease Model".  She most certainly gives the audience something to look at but she always leaves them wanting more.  One of the quickest ways to insult a woman like Bridget is to offer to hire her for a sex scene.  To put it simply and sincerely ...  That isn't what this girl is about.

While Bridget enjoys looking sexy in front of the camera, her overriding goal is to use her body as a way of creating art.  The philosophy of the Tease Model is that showing her private parts would be an incredibly shameful and tawdry form of cheating.  Even worse than that, it would be an unforgivable sin against the Burlesque Muses.

In the world of Tease Modeling, the first commandment is that when you seek the attention of the audience, there are no short cuts.  You absolutely have to work for it.

And to demonstrate how much the girl does work for it, please allow me to a point everyone's attention to a couple of the videos Bridget has posted on YouTube.

The first clearly demonstrates that even the process of being glamorous is filled with a great deal of hard work and intense preparation.  The time spent in the make up chair or setting up the scene often dwarfs the amount of time in front of the camera.

In the second, a less glamorous looking Bridget shows the intense degree of physical conditioning a model or actor must go through to make sure the body remains in good shape.

What the girl does is as much work as it is play.  While Bridget is clearly having a lot of fun when I see her at entertainment conventions and other special events, that shouldn't cause someone like me to make the mistake of believing she simply dances through it all.

To enjoy the Glamour ... She's gotta put up with the Grind.

Travis Clemmons

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