Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Begone !!!

Performed to the tune of "Call Me Maybe" 

( Sara Liz )

This morn, the sun didn't shine
It's like a bad nursery rhyme
The clocks all stopped keeping time
And now you're in my way

I'd pulled a wish from a well
With just a ring of a bell
But it had come straight from hell
And now you're in my way

          You claim that I owe you
          Things that I must now do
          If I ever hope to
          Stop this Armageddon, maybe

                    Hey! This is crazy!
                    And I just met you
                    You ate my boyfriend
                    Begone Cthulu

                    And as I look around
                    I also see you
                    Devoured my family
                    Begone Cthulu

I'd simply wanted a way
To make that other girl pay
For all the trouble she'd caused
But this was the wrong play

Did I mis-translate a line?
I thought I'd done it just fine
But now it's reckoning time
And there's a debt to pay

           You are like a bad dream
           I am just a prom queen
           Still, from what I have seen
           You need to go bye bye baby

                    Hey! I'm no warrior
                    But it's me or you
                    Just leave my planet
                    Begone Cthulu

                    And all the Gamer Boys
                    Who drooled about you
                    Are now uniting
                    Against Cthulu

( Caylian Curtis as Action Girl Kathy Lee )

                              Since you came into my life
                              It all is so sad
                              It all is so sad
                              It's all been so so sad

                              And all the things that you have done
                              Have made me so mad
                              They've made me so mad
                              They've made me so so mad

                    Yes. All the Demi Gods
                    Who'd said they loved you
                    Now stand united
                    Against Cthulu

                    I'm just a party girl
                    But it's me or you
                    Now leave this planet
                    Begone Cithulu

                              Now you're banished from our world
                              And we are so glad
                              Yes we are so glad
                              Oh we are so so glad

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