Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Entertainment Heaven

This past weekend was most certainly an instance where lightning was able to strike twice in the same place. The location was the Northern side of Chicago. The lightning bolts were two marvelous Burlesque presentations.

Belmont Burlesque on Saturday evening.
Plan 9 Burlesque on Sunday evening.

Two delightful Halloween celebrations. Each with its own unique style. Both of them incredibly satisfying.

In just a few days ... After I've had the opportunity to sort through a mass of pictures and other information ... I'll be back with a detailed review of each of the shows. In the meantime, please allow me to focus on the three main reasons why each show was so incredibly entertaining.

- 1 -
The members of each performance troupe (dancers, comedians, magicians, musicians and other talent) are appearing on stage because they take pleasure in providing quality entertainment. Whatever fame or money might come along is simply a bit more icing on the cake.

- 2 -
Each troupe clearly understands its audience.

Belmont is solidly rooted in the traditional "Tease & Please" rendition of a Risque Variety Show.


Plan 9 is all about merging the elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror with patterns of erotic sensuality and a healthy dose of absurd humor.

- 3 -
Neither troupe makes the mistake of confusing snarky political commentary with cutting edge entertainment. While venues like Burlesque can be a fine breeding ground for razor sharp social humor ... I've had to endure way too many instances where the person in front of the microphone is operating under the assumption that simply declaring "Obama is a fucking crook" or "Boehner needs to get his head out of his ass" somehow qualifies as political satire.

And there are a handful of Burlesque
and Cabaret shows that I will never again
set foot in for exactly that reason

The long and short of it is that both Belmont Burlesque and Plan 9 Burlesque clearly realize that they exist to provide entertainment. And the the two troupes accomplish this task in an incredibly delightful fashion.

If you would like to know more about these two entertainment troupes ... Please click on the links that are shown below.

The pictures shown in this article are the property of each entertainment troupe that is being referred to  or to the photographer / artist responsible for the picture.  They are used only for the purpose of providing a suitable review of each organization.

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