Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Facebook - The Very Best In Social Correctness

In their infinite wisdom ...  The watchdogs at Facebook have decided that the entertainment provided by the Belmont Burlesque is simply too ADULT in nature.  Something had to be done about this horrible corruption of the standards of Chicago ...  Illinois ...  Wisconsin ...  Indiana ...  North America in general.

So Facebook has informed the Dancers, Comics and Magicians of Belmont Burlesque that their page is no longer allowed to promote their monthly shows.

For clear and compelling evidence of the vile and disgusting trash that Belmont  Burlesque has been listing on Facebook ...  Please see the picture below.

As you can plainly see ...  Pretty girls are being portrayed as the Sugar Babies of Ice Cold and Unfeeling Men who only want to hold them in their laps and hear them whisper dirty notions.

Something had to be done about this immediately.

I applaud Facebook for upholding the Incredibly High and Completely Unbiased moral standards we've all come to rely on.

Travis Clemmons

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