Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Gingerbread Clan

These statues were on display in Naperville Illinois during the Holiday Season.  My Lovely Evil Wife and I caught sight of them while shopping in the downtown on Black Friday.

Abby  -  Artist: Marianne Lisson Kuhn  -  Sponsor: Main Street Promenade

Ginger Brush Man
Artists: Naperville North Art Club  -  Sponsor: Naperville Dental Specialties

Home For The Holidays  -  Sponsor:  Baird & Warner

I Rest My Case  -  Artist: Cherie Matousek  -  Sponsor: Greenberg Law Firm

Equinox  -  Artist: Laura Cavanaugh  -  Sponsor: Riverwalk Family Dental

Gingerbread George
Artist: Angela Graefenhain  -  Sponsor: Downtown Naperville Alliance

Sunny Boy  -  Artist: Molly Miklosz  -  Sponsor: Naperville Sun

D Mi  -  Artist: Matt Hebel  -  Sponsor: DMI Hotels

Chuck  -  Artist: Angela Keating  -  Sponsor: Charles Schwab

Travis Clemmons

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