Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Day At Mighty Con

One of the advantages of living within easy travel distance of the DuPage County Fairgrounds is that there's always something interesting happening there.  On the 15th of December, that turned out to be Mighty Con: A comics and collectables trade show that is working hard to grow itself into a serious science fiction and fantasy convention.

Admission was only $5.00 and they were reducing it to $3.00 if you could show that you'd just come from the flea market that was taking place in the building next door.  In a tight economy, it's good to see small events like this working together to help each other.

One of the things that sincerely impressed me about Mighty Con is how much effort the organizers have put into recruiting and promoting small companies as their vendors.  There were a slew of small manufacturers and small press publishers, representing their wares.

Comic Books
Graphic Novels
Action Figures

I've included a link to the video to help you learn more about the artists and writers.  If you want to learn more about Mighty Con ... Please check them out at

Travis Clemmons

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