Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Serenity

It was in December of 2002 that the science fiction community received some rather saddening news.  A very promising TV Series titled Firefly had been cancelled by the Fox network.

Although the quirky little critter was stopped at 15 episodes, it quickly developed a fan base that refused to allow it to die out.  DVD sales were impressive enough to help convince a rival studio to produce a 2 hour theatrical movie (Serenity) which did modestly well.  Several short run comic books and graphic novels have been produced and all have sold very well.  Firefly / Serenity fan fiction is abundant, both in written form and in independently produced  video presentations.

In honor of this monster that would not die, I present the following tribute song.

(Performed to the tune of "Sweet Baby James")

There is a Space Cowboy ... He flies past the stars
His partners in crime are his only companions
He's argued with God and he's washed his hands of him
Yet still prays that somehow his fortunes will change

     And as the sun rises ... He makes planet fall
     Thinking about money ... Such wealth to be had
     Puts his faith in a River to balance it all
     Tells the good Doctor "there's naught can go bad"
     Then hopes they don't all wind up dead

          Now watch the pretty lady
          Tear up the bar ... One, two, three
          They've twisted her mind ... Now she's bound to unwind
          And the problem falls squarely on me
          Take her back to Serenity

Now, some years ago ... He did follow a flag
Then came the day when this Sergeant player General
And he rallied his troops and brought victory in battle
While those high above him ... Turned their backs and gave up the war

     There's a part of his heart that still wants to stay angry
     A place in his soul where it's too black to see
     No room for a God or for love or for caring
     Yet a voice deep inside screams it wants to be free
     If somehow ... It only could be

          Hello my Painted Lady
          Why have you called back to me?
          I've left you behind ... Yet you still haunt my mind
          If you loved me ... You'd just let me be
          But for you, I leave Serenity

Now the path of this River is winding and strange
So are the patterns of Agents and Lawmen
As a problem long dead, rears it's ugly head once again
And a Space Cowboy follows an Albatross off to war

     There's a poem that he quotes as he rescues his Lady
     A Shepherd he mourns as he makes plans for war
     A vow to his friends as he starts misbehaving
     And his chains fall to dust as he takes up this chore
     Cause he knows now what he's fighting for

          Welcome home, my Lovely Lady
          Courtesan though you may be
          Though I've left friends behind ... I have you on my mind
          And your smile ... It looks so bright to me
          And I have my Sweet Serenity

lyric copyright  ©  2006 - Travis Clemmons & Python University Productions 

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