Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adult Movie Review : Snatched


SNATCHED is most certainly a motion picture that SHOULD NOT be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

Once Upon A Time ...

In a Dark and Twisted Fairy Tale ...

A kidnapped Princess had been locked away in a dungeon. An Ogre calmly inspected the equipment in the torture chamber, as he waited for his Mistress to return to the castle. The evil Queen rode comfortably in a shiny black chariot, while scheming and plotting about each and every painful and humiliating punishment she planned to inflict on her beautiful young captive.

But what if all this is actually happening in the present day?

The chariot is an elegant black limousine. The evil Queen is a wealthy Business Woman. The Ogre is her Obsequious Lackey. The captive Princess is a beautiful Fashion Model who simply made the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Mistress of the Manor has very specific plans for Anastasia.

First - - -
She will take away any hope the girl might have of escape or freedom. Anastasia must learn that she has to completely cooperate if she wishes to survive.

Then - - -
After all hope of escape is has been ripped away, the actions of Mistress will make it clear that safety and comfort cannot be earned by obedience and good behavior. These are merely gifts that have been granted at the whim of the Mistress. They can easily be taken away in the blink of an eye.

The rules ... At any given moment ... Are nothing more than what Mistress wishes them to be.

What a great many people don't understand about the old time Fairy Tales, is that most of them were created to warn young children about the dangerous nature of the world outside their own village.

Never trust a stranger.

They can bring trouble to your life.

They will lie to you.

They steal infants and young women as they sleep and then they do unspeakable things to them.

You can't always depend on a handsome Prince or a steadfast Woodsman to come to your rescue.

SNATCHED does a very intriguing job of functioning within this mindset. There is no demand for a ransom to be paid. No one is attempting to trick a super hero into being somewhere else while a bank is being robbed. Mistress is simply the type of person who would tie a helpless damsel to the railroad tracks because she wants to watch the sweet young thing panic and squirm as the train approaches her.

There are no redeeming qualities in the evil Queen of this story. The woman is totally insidious ... Cruel and ruthless ... Quite beautiful ... Incredibly broken. Her only real pleasure in life seems to come from taking lovely young things and causing them to become just as broken as she is. Yet this accomplishment brings little more than a fleeting moment of glee. Then this Queen Bitch finds herself compelled to seek out a new victim and begin the process all over again.

As a writer and director, I found myself thinking about the handful of things I might have done differently had I been the one who was producing and directing SNATCHED. Yet, I can't say that any of these changes would have made the movie better. Only that they would have made it more in line with my style of story telling.

Would adding a bit of back story about the girl have helped the tale in any way? Or is her lack of any real identity the true impact of SNATCHED? When all else has been said and shown, the truth about Anastasia is that she's nothing more than a very pretty little doll who's been dropped into an insane and very dangerous playhouse.

The lovely Anastasia isn't the first victim of this evil Bitch. She most likely won't be the last. The day to day pattern of her predicament actually tells the viewer much more about the tormentor than it does about the victim. In absolute simplicity, Anastasia's time at the manor provides one of the most perfect explanations of how insanity is defined.

An individual who repeatedly follows the same pattern of behavior over and over again, while constantly expecting that the activity will provide a more satisfying result this time around.

This lovely fashion model may be the kidnapped Princess who is currently being tortured. But the woman who lives her life in a constant state of torment, is the one who plays the part of the evil Queen. Repeatedly the villain of the story. Always the victim of her own inability to move beyond this Castle of Horrors that she took refuge in so many years ago.

The simple truth about SNATCHED is that it's the fetish and erotic equivalent of 160 Proof Whiskey. It doesn't exactly go down easy but you might just find yourself intrigued by the feeling it creates as it settles in below your belt line.

To purchase a copy of SNATCHED, see the production details that are listed below.

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